“International Seascape Painters Certification”


I am so excited to tell you about the International Sascape Certification program!  Have you ever heard of a course just to learn about painting the Sea?

Or how to apply the fundamentals of good art to painting beautiful ocean scenes?

Do you know of a method that will systematically help you learn the basics, build on those basics, and help you become a Master Painter of the SEA ?

Would it be good to learn a system that  breaks these concepts down so you can understand them, practice them, and then teach them to others?

Whether you wish to gain more knowledge and master seascape painting, or teach this method, or sell your work in shows or galleries, this course will take you to a whole new level.  

The basic program is a three week intensive training.    

You will take home:

  • An  incredible portfolio of techniques that you create on canvas. This portfolio will be a reference that you will treasure and be proud of.
  • Truly beautiful paintings.
  • The “Seascape Painters Manual” is compilation of my forty years of painting and it will be a tool you will use over and over.    It includes two check lists that will really help you self critique your own work.  Or spot problems your students are having. One is how to spot and correct the most common mistakes made in painting a seascape   The other is a check list that will be a reminder of the fundamentals of good art.

You will receive Certification when you successfully complete the three week program, and it will qualify you to teach the Joyce Ortner Method of Seascape Painting.  You must compete all three weeks, but it is not necessary to do them all at the same time.  This is an International Program and will be taught in Europe as well.

The successful completion of this three week program will qualify you to continue for a final two week course to receive your “Master of Seascape Painting Certificate”.

There is a lot of information to give you so below is a PDF document to review, that I hope will cover your questions.

I am so looking forward to sharing all of this with you.

It is true.  Painting is a magical journey!  You never know where it will take you.

I am so glad to be on it with you.

 Your painting friend,

Brochure About The International Seascape Painters Certification Program

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