International Seascape Painters Master Class

I am so proud to introduce the first group to complete the

"International Seascape Painters Master Class"

In the first week of the two week course, we learned and practiced advanced seascape techniques, including glazing and final steps to a finished painting.  This was done on dry paintings that were brought from home by each student.

We did more classes on color.... we covered what colors are transparent and which are opaque.   We created a special color wheel for warm and cool colors, as an easy tool to add the magic of temperature to our paintings.

Students shared the reference materials that they brought and everyone made their final decision on what they were going to paint in week two.  We also used some of the reference material for the two paintings that we completed that week.  Emphasis was put on sketching and composition of each painting and doing a color study before executing the two paintings, all in preparation for their own master piece the following week.

During week two each person designed and painted their own original painting.  I was there to assist and coach, but I did not touch their work.  You can see in the photos below each graduate and what each accomplished.


Original Seascape


Pat Appling


Sol Ben


Harlan Carothers



Regine Franck

Paul Lamoureux


Charleen MacLure


William (Buddy) Person


Kim Smiles


Janet Travis