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I Have made a pretty big change since most of my DVD's have been filmed.


I want to make this important note.  I no longer use any thinner in my medium or to clean my brushes.  I am finding that my students love this change; and many that were switching to acrylics for safety reasons are finding that they can paint with oils without any side effects.  I do miss using thinner, especially for fine lines and details on top of wet paint, like putting in seagulls or tree branches.  But with a little practice you get use to it.  The great thing is, besides the health benefit, is that my paintings look so much richer with the heavier layers of paint.  So I just use linseed oil as a medium and clean my brushes with soap and water.


DVD - "Starry Night" (new)
Video (3 hour, 2 disk set) and Packet

Enjoy painting this romantic moon light scene with me. Learn how to create the glow of the moon in the sky, as well as how it reflects down on the water and the beach. You will love doing the stars, you will see how to make them have a glow of their own. This is the only DVD for which I have also written a packet ; so you may have the written instruction as well as the video.     

DVD - "Hidden Cove" (new)
3 hour, 2 disk set

A full moon is hiding behind a heavy layer of clouds, it’s soft light illuminates the Sea. You will learn about the contrast of light and dark and how the warmer light from the moon and the cool light in the shadows will help you create the romantic mood of a moon light seen. You will see how I change the format of this painting from the 12’ x24” original to the 5’x8’ large painting, to the 12”x16” painting that is demonstrated in this video. The cover on the DVD case is printed really dark but you will receive a full page color print with your DVD to work from.

DVD - "Night's Edge" (new)
3 hour, 2 disk set

Many people love the jewel like colors in this painting.  You will learn how to use the Analogous Color Wheel to achieve a harmonious rich palette. ( If  you have the Analogous Color Wheel, put Orange as the dominate color at the top) Look at the painting,  see how the colors go from the warm Yellow of the sun around the color wheel into the Yellow Orange. into Orange, into Red Orange, into Red, into Red Violet, into Violet. The ocean it’s self is the neutral colors of Green that you see in the center of the Color Wheel. The complimentary Blues are picked up as the water splashes up on the rocks in the cool shadow areas. Small amounts of the Red Violet accent the sky and water.  You will see this in the discord. I think you will learn much about color as you paint this rich hued painting. The cover on the DVD case is printed really dark but you will receive a full page color print with your DVD to work from.


DVD - "Morning Tide"
2 disk set

Follow along with me as I take you step by step through this gorgeous painting. I share many secrets and techniques in over three hours of instruction. It is like sitting right next to me so you can see every stroke. The original of this painting is 8' x 5'. Using the grid that I used on the large original, we do a smaller painting together, on a 12"x16" canvas. You will see how your can make your painting big for a future project. I will take you from the original sketch, to the small color oil painting that I did to establish the colors I would use for the large painting. Mixing the colors for this beautiful palette, will help you learn how to use complimentary colors to make this painting successful. You will understand the use of warm and cool colors to make the waves go in and out of the light. There are many demonstrations on techniques so you can make your painting beautiful, fun, and easy!

DVD - "Golden Twilight"
2 disk set

You will love painting with these colors! The golden colors catch the glow often seen at Twilight. Have fun discovering how to create the beautiful colors from this limited palette of mostly Earth colors. You will be surprised how much people will like this painting. You will discover how easy it is to create the sunrays coming out of the clouds. You can do these as dramatic as you like. This painting will give you great practice putting motion in your water. It will be a good review of foam patterns. Notice the lacy top edge of each wave and swell. This is an important element to add to your seascape painting skills I can’t wait to see your “ Golden Twilight” painting of the sea!
As always, Happy Painting!

DVD - Seven Elements of Seascape Painting
3 DVD Set - 5 hours

Join Master Seascape artist Joyce Ortner, as she takes you through each of the essentials of seascape painting in her exciting new series “Seven Elements of Seascape Painting.”

In this series Ortner shares with you the secrets that she has learned during her 40-year career as a seascape artist. Her comprehensive instruction covers seven segments of a masterclass painting of the sea, filmed separately so that the artist may focus on learning not only step-by-step but on one element at a time.

Capturing the transparent wave as a separate element, isolated from the confusion many students feel when confronted by the many elements they see before them, allows the painter to relax and see just that area and understand what makes “it work.” You can really see the value change--the importance of the dark and mid-value--that make the light coming through the wave so magical.

Consequently, you are taken through each of these elements one at a time to give you a clear understanding that will allow you to create your own wonderful seascape paintings.

Click on painting for larger view

"The Seven Elements"

DVD - Anatomy of a Wave
1 DVD approximately 1-1/2 hours

If you are only going to get one instructional video on painting the ocean this is the one to help you get started with very little investment.

This lesson will teach you the basics of creating your own successful seascapes. This simple painting will give you greater understanding of painting the sea.

Re-Edited DVDs - 3 hour two disk sets

This is a series of DVDs re edited from a previously released series that I took off the market because of problems with filming, sound, and cut off endings. But there is so much information in these three DVDs that I have had an over whelming number of people, literally from all over the world , urge me to re release them in the newly edited, complete version. From start to finish, nothing is left out. You will see my thought process and how I correct mistakes, how the painting is softened so it is ready for the second day of painting. Each painting uses a different palette so you lean how different colors work together.

These are very detailed lessons. Through each of these paintings there are many details and explanations, about color, light and shadow. How to paint rocks that look real. More work on foam patterns. How to achieve the effect of water coming forward on the beach.

By seeing all these techniques demonstrated over and over in the different paintings they will become a part of your own painting ability.

I am so happy to be able to offer them to you!

"Old Man and the Sea"
3 hour two disk set



"Storms Coming "
3 hour two disk set


"Magic Moment"
two disk set


Secret Pearls of Seascape Painting

A series of 10 minute lessons on painting the sea. You will be amazed at how much you will learn from these sharp focused tutorials. A library of these lessons will give you a quick reference for many special facets of seascape painting. Here are lists of DVDs that are available now and those that will be available soon.

  • Brush Strokes -$10.00
    This is the basis of motion in your water.
  • Perfect Wave - NEW $10.00. How to paint the perfect wave.
  • Rocks - NEW $10.00. How to paint rocks.
  • Sand - NEW $10.00. Fun technique to add tecture to your seascape. People will ask “Did you glue sand on your painting?”
  • Seagulls -$10.00
    How to paint seagulls.

Available Soon:

  • The Analogous Color Wheel - Learn a color system that will give all you paintings a professional look and help you choose and mix beautiful color pallets. The first step in a fabulous Painting every time!
  • Color Temperature - What is color temperature in a painting? Why is it important? How do you achieve it? This is a true secret to truly beautiful paintings.
  • Secret Colors - Five of my favorite Color Pallets with the color mixes for my most successful seascape paintings.
  • Simple Composition - Here are a few simple secrets to teach you about composition and how to use the principals of good composition in your seascapes.


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Joyce Ortner Magic Brushes

There were a lot of things that were important to me when I was shopping for a new brush maker, especially for the “Joyce Ortner Seascape Magic Brushes.”

First of all I wanted the hair to be natural animal hair. I wanted the ends of the hair to be the natural ends of the hair, not cut, to allow for the soft blend of the foam spray, clouds, etc. And I wanted them to be made by hand in the US.  I also wanted them to be more affordable.  Well that was a lot to ask and you have no idea how happy I am to say that I can now offer them to you.

The 3/4" Magic Brush, the 1/2" Magic Brush and the brand new 3/8" Baby Magic Brush are natural animal hair. Notice the beautiful chisel edge and wonderful spring.

New!  Now the #6 filbert and the #2 round detail brush are made with animal hair.  The hair in the detail brush is a little longer, so that it has much better control than a liner, but will help you achieve beautiful lines, seagulls, and of course it is perfect for signing your name.  The #6 filbert is such an important brush and I love it even more with the natural hair.

I have added a Bristle Fan Brush for the special sand technique that I use.

One of the new features on my Magic Brushes is the Clear Acrylic Handle. The Length of the handle is just right and the beveled end is the best tool ever. I use that end so much. It is great to remove a stray hair off your painting, and it is also terrific for teaching! You can correct a student’s painting (the angle of the brush stroke, etc.) by just scratching in the correction without painting on their work, but still allow them to see the correction. It is also the best thing to scratch in the palm tree or light house or sail boat, so that you can see if the placement works. It is easy to repair and saves putting ugly paint in your finished sky, when you are working wet on wet.

It has taken me fifty years to perfect my techniques for seascape painting. It is vital for every student to be using the same brush, to be able to achieve the same results. I keep the number of brushes and the number of colors I use to a minimum so that the student has the least investment possible.

If you have the right brushes, you only need a few to paint gorgeous seascapes. Brushes are important to me, and I’m not happy painting with any but the best. Bargain brushes seldom work well, hold up, or do the job. They are a definite handicap.

My wish is for all my students to have a great experience learning to paint the sea. I want to make it as easy and as fun as possible.

Wishing you many hours of happy painting!

Joyce Ortner "Seascape Magic" Brush (3/4 in)


Joyce Ortner "Seascape Magic" Brush (1/2 in)

Joyce Ortner "Baby Magic" Brush (3/8 in)

This brush is a smaller version of the "Seascape Magic" brush.

Joyce Ortner "Filbert" Brush

Joyce Ortner "Detail" Brush

Joyce Ortner "# 6 Bristle Fan" Brush

Joyce Ortner Complete Brush Set
3/4" Magic, 1/2" Magic, 3/8" Baby Magic, filbert, detail, fan

Joyce Ortner Basic Five Brush Set
3/4" Magic, 1/2" Magic, 3/8" Babic Magic, filbert, detail

"Fan Brushes"

I have added the Bristle Fan Brush to my complete set because it is the perfect brush to use for my Sand Technique, and is manufactured as one of my signature brushes, which are all made in the US.
The Scharff  Classic Fan Brushes  are made by Scharff and they are imported. They are my very favorite blending brush that I use to soften skies, foam,etc. 
They cannot be manufactured in the US because of the hair that is used.  The #6 is the one I use the most, but I love having the #3 for those little areas that just need a whisper of softness.  And the # 12 is a must have for larger paintings.

# 2 Classic Fan Brush

# 6 Classic Fan Brush

Here are a few tips to keep your brushes like new:

  • Use smooth canvas, rough canvas is like painting on sand paper
  • Be gentle with them when you wipe them in paper towels, in the US, Viva is the best.
  • Do not rub them on the grate on the bottom of your thinner container, ever.
  • When you are finished painting, clean the paint out with oil, walnut oil, baby oil, works.
  • To be sure they will not harden, I use Turpenoid Natural by Weber.
  • Wash them with soap and water, Fels Naptha is an old traditional soap used by painters for ages, you will be amazed how much paint will still come out of you brush.
  • Squeeze all of the water out of the Ferrell, groom the bush with your fingers and lay flat to dry. Never put a wet brush standing up in a container when it is wet.
  • Remember the biggest problem with a bush will often be dried paint in the Ferrell.
  • Brushes are like the hair on your head and though we often paint with vigor, we must treat them with care.

Palette Knife

Many students have asked about the knife I use to mix my paints
and where to find one. So, I thought I would make it available for you!

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A few of my Favorite Things
I want to share with you some of my favorite things. Some are difficult to find.  I think you will find that they are a great addition to your painting equipment.

Deluxe Steel Tube Wringer ($20.00)

I am so happy that I found this tube wringer.  I have broken so many of the plastic ones and this one works like a dream.  It squeezes about 99% of the contents from tubes of your expensive paint, etc.  Nearly indestructible with aluminum handles and steel rollers, this industrial grade tool will make your painting life easier. It will last a lifetime under normal use and pay for itself in short order. It is 4¼” long X 3¼” wide X 1½” tall.

Paint Tube Wringer

Tube Wringer Order

Mahl Stick ($20.00)

As I travel around the world teaching, I always carry my maul stick.  My students are always asking where to find one. Now, I can offer you one.  The mahl stick has been used by artists, for centuries.  “Mahl” is the German word for paint. This great tool will hold your hand steady while you do those fine details and of course to help with that important job of signing your name.  What I love about it is that it is strong, it is 30” long, when it is put together and unscrews into three pieces, to easily carry with you brushes.  You will love it.

Paint Tube Wringer

Tube Wringer Order

Tape Measure ($4.00)

I use a tape measure all the time when I am teaching and my students need one to follow along.  You will use it with my DVDs and Packets.  It is small, light weight, measures in inches and cm.

.Paint Tube Wringer

Tube Wringer Order

Tee Square ($3.75)

It may seem strange for a seascape painter to need a Tee Square, but it is one of my most important tools.  This one is my favorite and sometimes they are hard to find.  I like the see through clear plastic, and the size is perfect.  It is easy to take along with my brushes and mahl stick. You will see me using it in my videos, to make my light house straight or to correct my horizon when I mess it up.

Tee Square

Tube Wringer Order

Analogous Color Wheel ($20.00) (Temporarily sold out)

I was so excited to see that this color wheel was still being produced. I am happy to be able to share it with you.   I had the honor to know and study with Hal Reed.  He was an amazing man, considered by many to be a genius.

There are several reasons that I think this is the best color wheel for the artist practical use. First of all, it is based on an analogous color scheme. Many art scholars believe that historically, the most successful paintings are built around one dominant color, using the adjacent hues and the complimentary color, with the help of the beautiful neutral grays that can be mixed.

For example if you are painting a Blue Seascape the wheel shows the adjacent colors of Blue Green to Blue Purple and the complement color orange.

What makes it most unique and helpful for me is that it is based on the colors out of the paint tubes we use on our palette, not just printed basic colors you usually see in a commercial color wheel.  Soon I will offer you a short lesson on DVD on how to use this color wheel to study color, mix color, and choose colors for your own paintings.
This will be in my new series  “Secret Pearls of Seascape Painting”.



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Instructional P a c k e t s
$11.00, $13 or $16 each

(Click on each to view larger packet cover)

These individual projects give you:

  • Written step by step instructions
  • A color picture to work from
  • A color chart with recipes for mixing your colors
  • A supply list
  • And a drawing to use as a pattern
  • Useful tips and Information

I know you will enjoy the written instruction in these packets.

Please note that they will be of much greater benefit to you if
you have painted with me or watched one of my DVDS.

There are so many things that are covered and explained in the live
presentation of painting that can not be captured In writing.

The packets then allow you to have a wide range of paintings to
work from and go hand and hand to widen you painting experience.


Master Piece Packets

This is a series of paintings done in larger formats of 16x20 or 24x36 inches. There is a full size sketch of the picture included in the packet as well as a full page color photo.

$16.00 Each

NEW (16x20)

NEW (16x20)

NEW (large 24x36)!!


These "New Packets" include an extra full page color photo

$13.00 Each

Packets Below Here Are $11 Each






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Joyce Ortner’s Artists Journal

A Journal for every Artist Combining over forty years of painting and teaching
experience has gone into creating this Journal for every artist.

I wish I had this as a tool when I began painting. The Journal has a table of
contents and sections designed to record the things you learn, the notes you take,
the names and addresses of teachers, and art friends you meet along the way.

A place to keep favorite quotes and ideas for names of paintings.

Supply Lists ~ Resources , A Sketch Book

“Notes and color Mixes “ ~~~~ A place to keep the recipe for the colors you make
and a sample of the exact colors you mixed, so you can refer to it when you want to
do that painting again. This wonderful feature is over half of the entire journal,
printed on expensive, vellum paper that will let you put your oil paint sample right on the page.

A section to keep a photo of the paintings you sell, the price, your collectors
names and contact information ~~~~ so important to an Artist career.

These are all the things you need to take on your special journey through the world of art.


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